Below is a sample of typical comments we receive from our many grateful clients:

“The volunteer who came to me was very pleasant, efficient and helpful. He came very promptly and did some jobs which I had been worried about for months and gave me some good advice.”

“Excellent service. Have found it difficult to find anyone to do small practical jobs that l find difficult to do.”

“Everybody wants to counsel me. Nobody gives me the practical help l need — except you! [MHPS]”

“10/10 Excellent. Volunteer was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Fantastic job.”

“Gratitude for this service. It hugely relieves the stress of difficult situations.”

“This charity deserves all the support which can be given.”

“l didn’t realise what a fantastic range of jobs you do.”

The hard work and dedication of staff and volunteers is something l know is both widely valued and admired.” (Richard Lochhead MSP 15 Aug 2015)

“Your teams have always been top grade. …This time the team excelled itself and did a very professional job in poor weather conditions, they worked with determination and pride and the results were excellent.”

“From the initial point of contact and to the person who arrived l could not have asked for more – both professional and patient.”