Supporting Strategies

The Public Sector has a very real challenge in meeting the needs of an ageing population that is living longer. The number of people over 75 is expected to double in the period 2008 to 2033. MHPS can leverage relatively small financial inputs from the public purse through the utilisation of its volunteers. Thus helping the Moray Community Health and Social Care Partnership to meet financial targets and its obligations to the community.

“lnvestment in prevention and early intervention has been proven to reduce the demand on specialist services in the longer term by addressing problems at the earliest opportunity before they are able to escalate.”

The provision of a handyperson service is specifically mentioned as an Early Intervention and Preventative Care measure in the current Strategy for Older People and is therefore acknowledged as a service that saves both Social Care and the NHS money in the longer term.

As a preferred supplier under Self Directed Support; MHPS could satisfy relevant outcomes for an individual’s well-being, including: safety, security, warmer, greater mobility.

“lt is well evidenced that older people in Moray and nationally would prefer to remain in their own home with the support and care they need to live independently.”

This aligns directly with the mission for MHPS.

The Strategy for Older People lists 8 strategic outcomes of which MHPS meets five! These five are:

Older people will:

  • Live more independently as long as possible in their own homes
  • Be more able to make the most of their health and well-being
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Have more choice and control
  • Have reduced feelings of isolation